The Oil King (Maslianiy korol') company invites wholesale and network companies from Russia and the CIS countries to cooperate within the contract manufacturing - the production of Oil King (Maslianiy korol') products under your own trademark (CTM) on mutually beneficial terms.

Full production cycle of a product under your own trade mark

It includes:

  • Development of packaging design;
  • Product production and packaging under your own trade mark;
  • Product certification;
  • Quota production (custom-made).

Stages of finished products release under your trade mark

The first stage is development of packaging, labels

By agreement with the customer, a label is developed, the design, volume and material of the package (bottle, box, etc.) are determined.

The second stage is production and packaging of products

The product (oil, flour, porridge) is produced, packaged in the selected packaging for a sample and sent to the client on approval. Then the sample is either approved or sent for further revision to the final version.

The third stage is certification

All the necessary documentation is prepared for products manufactured under your CTM; if necessary, state registration and certification is carried out.

The fourth stage is production of the first batch of products

After approval of the sample and readiness of all permits, we release the first batch of products under your own trade mark.

The fifth stage is serial production

Terms and volumes of production, cargo logistics are agreed upon, after which the product goes into serial production.