During its presence on the market, the "Oil King" company (Maslianiy Korol's) has quite seriously declared itself as a leader in the production and sale of premium exotic edible vegetable oils, received many different awards, diplomas, certificates, medals. You can see some of them below. It is impossible to show all of them, there are a lot.

Letters of thanks to the Oil King (Maslianiy Korol')

Our oils and flours are popular in a wide variety of circles. Many people have appreciated the taste and quality of our products, and many have also written letters of gratitude. We are very pleased to receive these kind of award..

Medals and cups

Probably the most valuable prize for us is the recognition of our products by the visitors of exhibitions and appreciation of quality and taste. Well,these confessions were expressed by various medals, cups, statuettes.

General diplomas and awards of the company

In this section of the site, you can see various diplomas and certificates that the company was awarded with as a whole without specifying products

Awards for specific products presented

And here you can see the awards that were granted at exhibitions and fairs for specific oils of the Oil King company (Maslianiy Korol's).